What is Clover?

A completely /biz/-run DeFi project. The network is governed by token owners, with a distribution as widely within the /biz/ community as possible via the fair launch. As chainlinkers understand that the financial system is slowly but surely becoming like LEGO bricks, there is opportunity at the edges to innovate as the bull run for Bitcoin, DeFi and daily /biz/ volume itself draw near

Incredible things happen when there's a community of individuals with similar values from a similar place who all have an economic incentive to see the project thrive. DeFi, fair launches and airdrops have proven to be very interesting and beyond the scams/pump'n'dumps there is something genuinely interesting here.

If the Dogecoin community can fund a Jamaican Bobsled team or a Nascar driver, I'm sure the /biz/ community can do even better.

Trust the plan.

Clover Ecosystem & Network Effect

The Clover network has meme'd itself into reality by creating a blackhole of liquidity. A strictly scarce token that is locked up or burnt in all future game contracts

As new projects emerge that want /biz/ exposure, they will airdrop to the existing Clover holder set for free publicity comparable to the UNI airdrop or OMG airdrop in 2017.

Devs make new game-theory tokens airdropped to Clover holders by main dev and others (think PoWH or FOMO3D but with Clover tokens and/or profits being airdropped to CLV uniswap liquidity providers).

New Financial games/experiments within /biz/ for immediate exposure (think shrimp.finance airdropped to Clover holders). Clover will be the base token for future game theory tokens/meme defi/yield farm games played within /biz/.

The ability to earn untradeable points when you stake CLV in specific pools(opportunity cost now as a game mechanic) with points being spent on unique low supply /biz/ NFT's and game pieces. Oldfags that stake for longer will provably be oldfags since points cannot be bought.

/biz/ members are incentivized to hold a few Clovers for fun and to show they have skin in the game for the board, with the ability to influence votes within the community.

Trust the plan.


No presale/OTC. No dev fund. No admin who owns 15% of the tokens. 100% fair distribution to /biz/ by design.
The token was dropped to 542 /biz/ users, getting 41 CLV each making the total supply 22,222
Goal is to get into as many OG /biz/oid hands as possible and create a community/DAO of truth.
The only existing dev fund is the funds donated by the holders to the dev for future updates.

Maximum Supply: 22,222 CLV
Circulation Supply: 21369.585591 CLV
Burned: 852.414409 CLV (3.8359%)

Protocol Safety

The only way to get tokens is to purchase them off of uniswap or to stake CLV. All the CLV tokens that will ever exist are already minted, minting has been disabled and the admin key burned. No one can mint any new tokens or drain the liquidity pools. The liquidity pool is completely community funded, unless all holders decide to pull their liquidity a rug pull is impossible. Put your CLV in the LP if you want to contribute to the safety of the protocol. There are no rug pulls under this new paradigm.

Research Topics & Future Projects within Clover

  • DAO on Aragon ERC721-backed tokens
  • Decentralized voting, ex "Is XXX a shitcoin? Y/N" with skin in the game for voters/participants. A decentralized source of truth for /biz/.
  • Prediction markets like "Will $LINK hit $1000 EOY?" with CLV as the native voting token
  • /biz/-run treasury that can earn yield and run trading competitions or distribute rewards to CLV/LP holders.
  • Game-theory tokens (ex log2/xamp-like rebase) that can only be earned by staking CLV, and trade against CLV to allow token holders to provide liquidity to degenerates who believe they can outsmart/out-trade other degenerates
  • PoWH / FOMO3D featuring CLV as either the base token or airdrop the revenue to existing CLV/LP holders
  • Non-Fungible Tokens to commemorate significant events in /biz/ history
  • A Clover treasury that can earn yield on its holdings and airdrop the yield returns to CLV holders or LP providers
  • Token games that all incentivize the burning or locking up of CLV. Provably fair 50/50 staking/gambling if ETH zk-rollups actually work (vitalik pls)
  • Private channels that can validate members have over X amount of CLV to weed out plebs
  • possible Chrome/Firefox extension that lets you +1/-1 threads based on your percentage ownership of the tokens, let you sort threads by Clover weightings. Wisdom of the crowd for the board
  • Stablecoin liquidity pools, cross-chain CLV (BEP-2 Binance DEX bridge) - 1,000 BNB

Trust the plan.


Email: admin@cloverprotocol.biz
PGP Fingerprint: Coming soon

Trust the plan.

Clover Weekly NFT Airdrop

How To Qualify   How Does It Work   When Are They   Airdrop Form  

The Sprout of a Clover
Introducing Clover's first (of many) NTF Trading Card Set. Our first set, "The Sprout of A Clover", is a 16 NFT Trading Card Game Set featuring Clover and 4chan memes! Each week you also have a chance to also get a RARE Animated Foil version NFT of each card.
Thats 2 NFT's every week for just holding Clover!

EVERY week, if you qualify, you will be airdropped a wax NFT from this series.
Since it is a 16-card set, the Airdrop will last 16 weeks!!!

How To Qualify?

For the Week 1 AirDrop you will need to hold 41 Clover, 41 Clover worth of C2D, or 22 Clover worth of LP.
Want a Rare Foil? HOLD BOTH 41 Clover (or 42 Clover worth of C2D) AND 22 Clover worth of LP!

Each week the requirements will increase by 11 Clover, or 5.5 Clover LP. Only the strong hands will be able to collect the whole set by simply Holding! Also, don't forget if you hold enough of BOTH, you will ALSO get a Rare Foil version NFT each week!

To keep the cards rare, we will limit the number of each NFT minted to the exact number of Airdrop participants, plus 41 for the NFT marketplace. The marketplace will allow trading and purchasing to complete your collection in case you missed a week. Each time a card is bought or sold there is a 5% commission that will go directly to Clover LP.

How does the Airdrop work?

For week 1 you will need to be holding 41 Clover and/or 22 Clover of LP. If you hold BOTH you will ALSO receive a RARE FOIL version of that week’s NFT. Since each week the amount required to get the Airdrop increases, it encourages holders not to sell and to also acquire more weekly. This is good for ALL holders!

You can join the Airdrop anytime during the 16 weeks. However, you must be holding that weeks required amount of Clover (or Clover LP) on the snapshot date and time to get the airdrop.

Each week a Google form will be dropped in our Telegram. You MUST fill it out to participate. The form is only necessary to link your Ether address to your Wax address, and show you follow us on Telegram and Twitter. It will be a simple 4 question form.

To be fair to all of our holders across the globe in different time zones, the form will remain up for about 18 hours. The close time will be clearly listed on the form itself. Since you have to be a holder to qualify, there is no need to take the form down quickly.

Weekly snapshot:
Tuesdays at 23:59 UTC. You MUST hold the required amount of Clover at this time to qualify for that week’s Airdrop. The Google form will be dropped about an hour after the snapshot.

Weekly Airdrop:
Wednesdays at 23:59 UTC. Please allow a few hours to receive your NFT since they will be minted to each address individually. This is to preserve the rarity of each.

You will need to have a Wax wallet to receive the NFT's each week!
Get a Wax wallet in 2 Clicks here:

When Are The AirDrops?

Here are the snapshot dates and requirements:
*NOTE: The amounts listed below are the amount of Clover WORTH of that token. Not how many of that token.

Clover (CLV) Required
CLV2D (C2D) Required
Clover LP Required
Snapshot Date
AirDrop (Begins)
Week 1
01-12-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 01-13-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 2
01-19-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 01-20-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 3 63
01-26-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 01-27-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 4 74
02-02-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 02-03-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 5 85
02-09-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 02-10-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 6 96
02-16-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 02-17-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 7 107
02-23-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 02-24-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 8
03-02-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 03-03-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 9 129
03-09-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 03-10-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 10 140
03-16-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 03-17-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 11 151
03-23-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 03-24-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 12 162
03-31-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 03-31-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 13 173
04-07-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 04-07-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 14 184
04-14-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 04-14-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 15 195
04-21-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 04-21-2021 @ 23:59 UTC
Week 16 206
04-28-2021 @ 23:59 UTC 04-28-2021 @ 23:59 UTC

Clover Protocol Airdrop Form

Fill out this form to register for the Weekly Clover NFT AirDrop.
The form is only needed to link your qualifying ETH wallet (holding Clover) to your Wax wallet.

You only need to fill this form out once, after that just hold enough Clover every week!

Clover NFT Marketplace

Did you miss a week of the NFT Airdrops? Did you not get that Gold Animated Foil version that you just have to have? Well now you have a chance to get the ones you missed! The Clover NFT Marketplace is now open on Atomichub.

Original minting of the NFT's was VERY LIMITED. After each weeks NFT minting, no more of that weeks NFT can EVER be minted again! There aren't too many available. Once they are gone, they are gone! Get them while you can!

Also, you can't get next weeks NFT. They haven't been minted yet!

Get Your NFT's Here:

Trust the Plan!

Clover BSC

Many other tokens have moved to BSC for the penny fees, now Clover is one of them. ETH fees have been crippling Clover for months now. Many Clover projects have been put on hold due to $40+ tx fees!

Why Clover BSC?
With Clover on BSC we can once again continue "The Plan". This includes migrating CLOVID, C2D, C3D, the Wishing Well, and other Clover games! This also opens the door for future Clover projects including: the Clover Trading Card Game, Clover 50/50, and the Clover Casino. This will be a VERY exciting time for Clover!

Symbol: CLV
Max Supply: 22,222
1% of every TX goes back to holders
3% of every TX goes to locked liquidity

50% of the Supply will be airdropped via form. (Not everyone who fills out the form will get it)
50% of the Supply will be sent to pancakeswap for liquidity

Trust the Plan!